Problem downloading

Problem downloading

FAQ summary


1. Fault: image black screen or white screen

Solution: check whether the field equipment is well grounded and whether there is signal interference. Is there a problem with the image motherboard.


2. The color registration system cannot be located

Solution: check the parameter setting and whether the encoder coupling is connected normally.


3. Motor jitter

Solution: measure the resistance value (normally 680 ohms), check whether the motor drive board is damaged and whether the installation is too tight.


4. Image camera does not move

Solution: check whether the matching of guide rail and gear is intact, and check whether the trolley drive plate inside the camera kit is damaged.


5. Slow correction response

Solution: adjust the correction parameters (different printing machine performance, different materials and different printing machine speed parameters can be changed).


6. Touch screen has no display or blue screen

Solution: check the brightness adjustment of the power touch screen, and replace the touch screen.


7. All function keys of image system are invalid

Solution: replace the camera or image motherboard.


8. The host cannot communicate with the extension

Solution: replace the communication chip.


9. Some relay boxes cannot be located

Solution: replace the positioning chip.


10. Image cannot be taken synchronously

Solution: the frequency divider box is broken, the proximity switch or encoder is not installed in place.


11. The color registration system can operate normally, sometimes the color registration is on time and not allowed

Solution: check whether the tension system works normally, whether the cot is worn, and whether the plate is loose.