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Study on the artificial intelligence of Google to promote the artificial intelligence

Release time:2020-05-12

Google yesterday confirmed that a highly controversial computer based on the purchase of a highly controversial quantum technology based on quantum technology. This will greatly enhance the computational speed, thus speeding up the study of artificial intelligence.
       In 2013, Google purchased a computer from the Canadian Venture Company Systems D-Wave. At that time the computer was called "the world's first commercial quantum computer". Subsequently, the NASA Ames research center and Google cooperation based on this computer. This computer is currently installed in the NASA Ames research center in the California mountain view, and the data is processed by a quantum annealing device. The algorithm of quantum annealing can solve the optimization problem, and this problem is very common in machine learning and artificial intelligence software. 
       Hatem Nevin (Neven Hartmut), the head of Google's quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, said the researchers have completed a rigorous proof. They launched a series of competitions between the D-Wave computer and the traditional computer. Living said: "the specific problem for the proof of concept, we achieve a 100 million fold acceleration."