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The United States announced that control of quantum computing technology: the speed of today's PC b

Release time:2020-05-12

 Today, the degree of the degree of Moore's law is getting lower and lower. The quantum computing is considered to be the development direction of the future computer. 
      In 2013, Google purchased a computer from Systems D-Wave, a Canadian Venture Company. At that time the computer was called "the world's first commercial quantum computer". Subsequently, the NASA Ames research center and Google cooperation based on this computer. 
      According to technology website VentureBeat reported that Google quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab today announced that in the two tests, 2X D-Wave quantum computer running speed, 100 million times faster than the analog device running on the traditional computer chip. 
      It is reported that, 2X D-Wave through the quantum annealing device to deal with data, which is equipped with a low temperature cooling of the superconductor chip. The algorithm of quantum annealing can solve the optimization problem, and this problem is very common in machine learning and artificial intelligence software. 
      However, the quantum computer should have a long wait for the development of the cycle, after all, it is not possible to play what 3A game.